Best Brand for Lighting Solutions

Best Brand for Lighting Solutions

Davis Lighting Honoured at BrandLaureate Property Branding Awards 2022 for Illumination and Innovation Excellence

The recognition reinforces our pioneering role in innovative, eco-friendly lighting solutions.

Empowering spaces and enlightening lives through our lighting solutions, we aim to brighten every corner of your world.

In a momentous achievement, Davis Lighting has been recognized and honoured with the esteemed title of Best Brand for Lighting Solutions at the renowned BrandLaureate Property Branding Awards 2022. With an illustrious legacy spanning over four decades in the lighting industry, the company has consistently exemplified a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation, making it the preferred choice for illumination needs across various sectors.

This prestigious award stands as a resounding endorsement of Davis Lighting's unwavering dedication to delivering smart sustainable lighting and solutions with a lasting impact on global sustainability efforts. It solidifies the company's position as a leader in the lighting industry, setting new benchmarks for quality and innovation.

Illuminating a Greener Future: Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

This prestigious award acknowledges the collective efforts of the Davis Lighting team, driving innovation and sustainability with dedication. Their tailored lighting solutions, supported by customer appreciation, contribute to a greener future. Committed to smart sustainable practices, they lead the way in global sustainability efforts.


Looking ahead, Davis Lighting remains steadfast in its commitment to creating a better tomorrow through smart sustainable solutions, reducing carbon footprints, and embracing cutting-edge technologies. With unwavering support from customers and the dedication of the team, they continue to illuminate lives and spaces, making a significant contribution to global sustainability efforts.